The Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales

The Only Sales Communication Program You'll Ever Need.

The Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales offers a specialized program designed to equip sales professionals with advanced communication skills and persuasive messaging strategies to improve deal close rates and shorten sales cycles.

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How The Academy Works

The Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales is comprised of three video-based sales communication courses.

These courses are designed with busy salespeople in mind. The courses are short and easily consumable as well as carefully balanced between learning theory and practical application. You'll be able to take what you learn and immediately apply it in your next sales meeting.

Course 1 - Foundations of Sales Messaging

Begin your journey by learning key principles of sales messaging:
What goes wrong & how to fix it.

Course 2 - Core Skills of Sales Message Design

Continue your journey by learning the core skills that empower you to
design a world-class sales message.

Course 3 - Core Skills of Sales Message Delivery

Finish your journey by learning the core skills necessary to
execute a world-class sales meeting.

Not Your Typical E-Learning Experience

A stack of dense slides isn't the best way to sell... Guess what, it's not the best way to learn, either.

The Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales isn't your typical "Slide-Based" learning curriculum. You'll be learning from world-class instructors in a way that is visually stimulating and heavily application orientated... and absolutely avoids "death by PowerPoint".

Lively Video Training

The Academy isn't just another "PowerPoint karaoke" curriculum. Our Academy is taught through a highly impactful learning model. Utilizing videos, animations, interactivity and very little slides.

Application Driven Learning

Each lesson wraps up with an "application moment". A short exercise that allows you to put the skills you just learned into practice. Further reinforcing the learning experience.

Private Community

Every student who enrolls in the full academy will have access to our private community of sales professionals, where you can ask questions to our team and your peers.

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

Upon graduating the Academy you'll leave with invaluable skills that will improve your sales outcomes.

A Process For Creating Compelling Sales Messages

You'll graduate the Academy with a firm understanding of the processes and methods in creating world-class sales messages.

The Ability To Craft An Effective Value Proposition

Learn how to craft a world-class value proposition using Oratium's proprietary tool, The Pyramid of Planned Outcome.

Tools To Deliver Your Sales Message Effectively

You'll learn how to manage the common pitfalls of a sales conversation. Pitfalls that completely de-rail an effective sales conversation.

More Credibility
As A Trusted Seller

This Academy teaches proven ways to present yourself as more trustworthy and credible, greatly impacting your sales outcomes.

Competitive Advantage In All Your Sales Pursuits.

You'll learn a unique and valuable way to communicate with your customers, differentiating your from your competitors.

Higher Deal Close Rates
and Faster Cycle Times

Ample evidence exists that when you learn how to design & deliver compelling sales messages, you'll close more deals, significantly faster.

Does This Academy Actually Work?

Whether you are the head of a large global sales organization or the only sales professional for a small start-up, the Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales will teach you the skills needed to greatly improve your sales outcomes.

This training is the preferred model for companies such as: Cisco, LinkedIn, IBM, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Disney, SalesForce, and others.


Ready To Become A World-Class Sales Communicator?

We have several options to start your journey to becoming a compelling sales communicator, from our FREE course to corporate discounts that allow you to empower your entire sales force with the knowledge and skills that produce substantial sales outcomes.

Foundations of Sales Messaging

Interested in taking the first step in becoming a compelling sales communicator? Enroll in this FREE course, and start your journey.


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New for 2023!

Compelling Communicator Academy For Sales

The full academy - Featuring Foundations of Sales Messaging, Core Skills of Sales Message Design, and Core Skills of Sales Message Delivery.
Everything you need to become a world-class sales communicator.

$ 499 /lifetime

  • Access To All Three Courses
  • Instant Access To 80+ Video Lessons
  • Watch 24/7. Anywhere. Anytime
  • Private Community Access
  • Deep Discounts on Future Training

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Team Access?

Team or corporate enrollment into our Compelling Communicator Academy for Sales is available at a discounted rate.

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